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The Problem

A Multi-Device World

With today's myriad of IT problems due to working on Desktop, Tablet and Mobiles devices, there are many places on the string where it can break.

We demand "NEW and IMPROVE" but we get "NOT FULLY COOKED" from manufacturers and when things go wrong, you need a Tech Support company with a new approach.

The Inevitable Will Happen

When the unwanted happens, what you need and are looking for is a company that does not employ the old "REACT" after the disaster strikes approach but operates in the new "PRE-PREPARED" disaster prevention and recovery mode..

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Our Approach

LIVE and On-Demand Agents

Glossive TechSupport Service is one of the fastest you can ever get.
Our LIVE and On-Demand Agents are well trained, which is why we are now able to operate and provide this remote service to companies and private individuals in 4 continents.

Call Recording

We know you have deadlines and want the problem fixed right now as you are talking to us, not tomorrow.
We record every call so we don't miss anything that you said. If a support call is taking longer than the usual time to resolve, an Agent monitoring Tech Supervisor can listen. If needed, they can quickly chip in advanced advice to the Agent assisting you.
Recording is also super vital as additional resource for all Agent's training purpose only. As they learn more, experience is increased and help is rendered faster every time.

Glossivetech System Diagnosis

GlossiveTech is the creator of "SysDriller", the TechSupport software used by many IT Technicians across the world for the delivery of reliable and quick technical support.

SysDriller helps to probe IT Systems, so that if there are any other problems besides what you called us for, we can let you know.
It can't do it all, but this tool can help detect, diagnose and report many problems which can be acted upon and resolved before they get worse and become show stoppers.

GlossiveTech "Pre-Prepared"

When you choose a company like ours, that operates in "Pre-Prepared" mode, you are choosing one with advanced pool of tried and tested solutions.

We crash our test computers and devices often on purpose. Then, we look for all the ways the device can be fixed and record the solutions, so that when you call, we already know several solutions to the kind of computer or device problem.

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