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100 times secure Data Protection than any on your Personal or Office PC



Corporate Chat App that keep staff communication protected but repidly flowing within your organisation.

Remove the need for staff to use their personal Social Network Apps on corporate time.

Enable the internal chat and help your company profit also from 'Anonymous Staff Opinion Data'.

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Corporate Email App that make sure your emails stay protected within your company's cloud but available for safe access from anywhere.

Demand a better designed and structured mail inbox

Enhance you day with a self organising, color coded and fast business Email system.

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A Corporate Calendar App that shows the Past, Present and Future events by Day, Week, etc.

Announce corporate events on a Company wide calendar.
Plan ahead with a Department tailored calendar.

Create a Calendar for each staff viewable and shareable with permitted persons.

They can work efficiently and collaborate faster across multiple tasks and projects at all levels - department, position and skill.

Keep tasks rolling with a smart reminder notification.

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Corporate File/Folder App that gives your Staff and Teams fast and secure access to needed files and folders from anywhere on any internet enabled device.

Share documents, images, sound, videos and all other material for improving work and foster smooth staff collaboration.

It works on PCs, Tablet and Mobile devices with file synchronization.

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Glossive Web Customer Alert App tells you when a visitor is at your website and shows what page or item they are viewing.

Alert and welcome them, and offer your assistance before they decide to leave and never come back.

Your prospect is right in front of you, why miss the chance to make them a customer.

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GlossiveApps5 is our omnibus software package with all 5 Corporate Apps - Chat, Calendar, Drive, Email and WebCA.

Use all secure data protected Apps together to improve Corporate efficiency and increase revenue.

Make your headquarter, branch locations and Departments communicate goals, tasks and exchange ideaswithout data security worries.

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