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What We Provide

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A Better Outcome

The last thing a business need on top of a hectic day filled with thousand of new and unfinished tasks is IT Problems. We help to provide a better outcome when something goes wrong.
A crucial device for your busines can stop working anyday, whether it is your Desktop PC or that on the move Tablet and Smart phone device you've now become attached and used to.
Whatever it is, sometimes, it seems like your device has an attitude problem and just wants to work against you. It seem to want to go faulty especially on the day you need it most.

Premier Customers

Premier customers sign a "Priority Managed-IT Maintainance Contract" and pay for their Tech Support on a "Monthly or Annually" basis.
Unlike the "Pay As You Go" customer, our Premier customers get a Fast Track service that gives them priority Tech Support without waiting.

It is like getting to the Airport and simply waiving your passport at the security guys and you are gone. NO WAIT AT ALL.

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Equipped Response

GlossiveTech prides itself on our speed of response to every Technical Support contact from our customers.

Rich IT Problem Database

We are empowered by a daily updated database of Computers, Printers and other device problems our Tech Support people has been responding to since the year 2000.

17 Years Long Solutions

Equipped with our solutions and fixes to those problems, we've retained the know-how edge and we remain one of the best Tech Support companies today.

Human Assistants Always

We have remained that Tech Support company that prefers to talk to you, take charge and fix your problem, instead of sending you to a complex technical online control panel.

Our clients can confirm what we do for them.

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Always Reachable

By All Means

Whether by Phone, Email or Text messages, we are currently delivering "Technical Help Desk Support" to our customers on Desktop Computers, Tablet and Mobiles devices in 4 continents.


With our new Customer Alert Software "GlossiveWebCA" available at our website, you can alert our TechSupport Team. Quick Technical help can now be delivered via LIVE Chat, which means over 85% of our customer computer and other device problems can be resolved in real-time.

Non-stop Working

As in most case with our Tech Team, you don't even have to restart the desktop machine or the hand held device. You just continue with your tasks.

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How It Works

You Contact Us

Your System starts to Signal a Fault (Software or Hardware) and you contact us.

We already have your details and your system which has priority, already know how to connect to our Technical Support Systems.

As soon as the system connect and we get that fault report, all Support agents are notified.

We Serve - No Delays

One of our Live Technical Support Agent takes charge of the machine with you watching and we fix the problem. No Waiting At All.

We Go Every Mile

If all fails because it is a hardware problem, we can send the hardware team to your site. Afterall, it is why you are a premier customer with priority Maintenance Contract.

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