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If Knowing Before It Happens Is Vital To You

How We Do It

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Why Consult With Us

Buyer Uncertainty

Everyday, Business managers and procurement departments purchase IT hardware and software without the certainty that what they are purchasing will perform as advertised.

Pressure Adverts

Some, proceed with purchasing the latest Computer with the latest HD graphics and promised Processor speed, or a Tablet device with double-sided Cameras or Smart Phones with over a thousand sofware features, that they don't understand and will never need.

An IT friend or the brother inlaw said the graphics is from Apple so it is good, the phone is 4G, the TV is 4K so it will display better. Not, because it will do the Word processing faster or Spreadsheet better.

Then, 6 months later the manufacturers unveils a new version of everything above. If you new from a consultant, you would have waited and bought the new version.

Minimal Return On Investment

The worst case is business equipments that are installed wrongly by the new non-technical owners. They never really get the full Return on Investment from the start.

Most of us have experienced frustration at time wasted due to installing or setting up a product for hours that didn't work. Then, we return the product or waste more with the maker's Technical Support people.

Knowing Is Important

What if you knew before hand, what or not to do from an IT consultant, or better still have a System engineer come over and get the job done, taking only a few minutes of your business time?

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Our Solutions

Before or After

GlossiveTech offers a "Ask Before You Buy" or "Review After You Bought" IT Consultancy Service.

The first, stops you from buying the wrong thing at all.

The later, stops you from wasting your time opening, setting up and using a product that is unfit for purpose.

Installation and Setup

For a small fixed fee, we also offer a System Installation and Setup service.

One of our Technical product specialist will arrive to take care of things for you.

Before he/she leaves, they will make sure your new purchase is correctly setup, working as expected and will continue to perform after they leave.

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Our Consultants

Our Tech Teams are highly trained specialists that take dedication to helping our customers to the very highest level of service.

We know you cannot afford delays and disappointment just as we certainly can't stand them either.

Please talk to them and get that gut feeling that these people know what they are talking about and not just what they read in some product manuals.

You have nothing to loose in speaking to us before you make that expensive purchase or discovering that what you bought has a hidden future disaster attached to it

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