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How We Do It

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The Problem

We all love our email. It is one technology that has stayed the same around how the world works than most of our other tools for global communication.

Today, your personal email is either provided by your mobile Service Provider, a free public email provider like GMail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc, or you message via your favourite Social network. In addition to those, if you are employed, you may also have a business email account provided by your employer.

The Problem Arise:

The problem arise when your relationship with anyone of the above entities come to an end, happily or not. You stop working for your employer or stop loving your favourite social network and suddenly you have a need to move your emails to your new greener pasture.

If you are a business and want to move to your business email from your old domain and email service provider the story is far from "Easier and Quick".

The Root Cause:

Is because email is still very good business and the ISPs don't want you to move on, whether it is free email service like GMail or not. And especially worse, is with ISPs that you pay monthly fees for business email with many user accounts.

For years ISPs they have not made it easier to move away and they are not planning to do so anytime soon, because the more people using their email service whether free or not, the more it appears that they are good.

Therefore, the bigger the number of users, the bigger the false perception that the service is good and the more money they can make - from tailored Advertising in the case of the free service providers. You are not a customer, but a cash voucher and the reason for the next big billion dollar IPO in the making.

GlossiveTech provide the sort of Cloud-based Email software and Technical Email service that is affordably cheap and helps you to move your private and free or paid business emails wherever.

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Single Email Accounts

If your Email Data is small (1 to 4) individual accounts, we will recommend using Glossive Cloud-Based Email Migration Software 'Mailonizer' to handle it.

It is simple, fast and effective:

* Move a single email account one at a time is fast.

* POP3 and IMAP Email supported.

* Cloud-based, no installation

* No super-level IT skills or complex programming.

* Enter few required information in a simple form.

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Multiple Email Accounts

If your Email Data is huge (5 or more) email user accounts from the same server, then you are going to need email data experts to help you accurately migrate your email accounts.

The Email Data Migration team is as experienced in moving such large email user accounts as breathing oxygen.

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