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Make Stressful Storage, Access and Retrieval Your Past

*** What We Provide ***

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Our Solutions

Our Warehouse Consultancy Team

Our Data Warehouse work starts with consultancy.
Read about it here even if you've past the consultancy stage.

Data Warehouse Consultancy

Unmatched and Brilliant Service

We cover all areas of Data Warehouse including:
* Initial Consultancy
* Ideas and Planning
* Database Schema and Setup
* ETTL processing - Extract, Transfer, Transform, Load

You will get an unmatched service from a company that is using a 27 years long systems and data development specialist experience to reduce its customers cost.

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Why We Can

Experienced Warehouse Specialist

Brain surgeons know their job and succeed even when it is scary.

A Data Waehouse is difficult to get right, but not impossible.

Aside from our efficient consultancy, GlossiveTech has people who were Database Developers and Administrators first, before they became "Senior Data Warehouse Specialist".

In 2015, when nothing else would do, they led a team that designed and created our own in-house binary java-based database that makes everything extremely superfast with our cloud services including Apps, Web Applications and Hosting servers.

Systems Specialist

GlossiveTech has people with unique skills in building Server Computer Systems and Software.

Get the people with the kind of rugged determination that you will need for creating the biggest data warehouse -- whatever your goals and how monstreously outrageous you can dream.

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