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The Problem

If your database is not performing as expected, something is already wrong or is going wrong somewhere in it. You seriously need to call in an expert before it crashes, thereby corrupting your data and you lose your business or life's work.

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Data Migration

Data Migration is moving data from one source in its original format to either the same format or another format at the destination.

Database Migration is doing the same, but often include moving the data with the storage and control information.

To have an accurate database that eventually will give you efficient storage, access and data retrieval after migration, we sometimes need to do one or more data massaging before and while we are transfering the data.

Migration Service

We cover all areas of Database Migration including:


* Data Cleaning - remove errors.
* Deduplication - remove duplicates.


* The Database - is it the right one.
* The Data Set - what are you storing.
* Size Planning - before and after.
* DB Segmentation - how to split data.
* Disk Partition - multiple data disks.
* Data Deduplication - uniqueness.
* Installation - best DB options.
* Setup - resource location.
* Config - perfomance tuning issues.
and more......

If you have a specific need for your database, we can also advice you on the way forward.

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Our Migration List Includes:

[Relational DB]

* MySql Database
* Oracle Database
* SQL Server Database
* MS Access
* VoltDB

[NoSql DB]

* Hazelcast
* MapDB
* Mongo DB
* Neo4J
* Cassandra
* Apache HBase
* Memcached
* Project Voldermort
* Google BigTable
* Amason SimpleDB

[In-Memory NoSql DB]

* Apache Ignite
* Redis