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Consultancy - Why You Need It

Many corporate databases fail to perform not because the database system is not up to the tasks but because one or more steps in the process to making sure a database performs as expected was overlooked for any number of reasons.

New Requirements, Old Database

Your database may have been setup for some small tasks before your company started to grow. Now your requirements have grown from simple employee and customer information resource to full fledge multimedia demands (Email, Images, large Videos, etc). But, nobody has thought of that all important data safe called a database or considered its improvement.

The Database System

There are different databases and they are good for the jobs they were designed to do. Choosing the wrong database for your tasks is like pouring the wrong gas into your car. The vehicle might not shutdown immediately but it is not going to get you very far. Sooner or later some things will start to go wrong.

Skilled Database Developer

From Installation, Setup and Configuration, to the actual storage Design and Development, you need someone with the know-how to get it right first time.

Skilled Database Administrator

Built without the required database tuning skill-set and seasoned experience of a qualified Database Administrator, you are almost guaranteed to face poor Database Performance, Data Security breach, future Upgrade headaches and database Migration hell ahead.

Database Tuning

Even if the database is the right one for the job, but it is not properly tuned by a DBA or some in the know, it will soon start to slow down as your data grows. As the delays start to get longer for even a simple data fetch, your users will soon become frustrated.

The Computer Network

For a serious database to serve multiple users efficiently, it is best located somewhere in your computer networks where all user connections can reach it. But what if the network is slow as well? .

Bottom line is that you just cannot hide the effect of a system that is painfully slow. The pain just linger on and on whether from a slow network or badly setup and tuned database.

Admit It and Fix it

You cannot wait until your staff or users starts to suffer acute anxiety and stomach aches before you fix that slow database nightmare.

If in doubt and still hesitating, click on the button below and read some of the issues raised in our "Database Install and Setup" Problem page

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DB Consultancy Service

GlossiveTech database Consultancy Service can provide the human expertise and technical knowledge you can confidently rely on.

The Right Advice

From Installation, Setup and Security to Storage Design and the all important efficient database fine-tuning and data access, our consultants have the experience to advice on what you need.

Post Consultancy

Our Databace Developers and DBAs can help you confidently get your database Setup, Development and Management tasks done with 100% accuracy and efficiency.

Get It Done Right

Fine Tuned

You will get a service that will also make you database Update and Retrieval faster, with future Upgrades and Migration happening simply as fast as your database can keep up.

If it is done right, it will perform right.

Get the people who know databases like a fish knows water to do the job.

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